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Every home has the potential to generate its own electricity, we can simply determine the viability your property has to begin to generate its own electricity.

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Some things to know about solar
  • There are three main types of system
    • Grid Tied (connected to the power network and doesn't need Batteries).
    • Off Grid (requires batteries to store energy).
    • Grid Tied Battery Backup (for properties who want some security of supply).
  • Solar efficiency is measured by how much electricity is collected on a square meter of roof.
  • Lower efficiency doesn't mean they don't work well some of the most efficient panels in low light have lower STC efficiency.
  • Solar power is generated in DC and converted to mains power by a Grid tie or off grid Inverter.
  • Solar grid tie systems switch off during power cuts.

We specialise in engineering quality solutions for you so you can easily install a solar generator on your property.

Our point of difference is the quality of our complete solution and our endeavour to supply cost effective solutions to our clients.

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