Wind Turbines

Advanced Eco Solutions have wind turbines to suit all small wind applications.

UGE Vertical Axis

UGE Vertical Axis Wind Turbines rotate on the vertical up and down plane like an egg beater. Our range for this type of turbine is 600watt, 1KW and 4KW.

Our Turbines rotate at a maximum of 120 revolutions per minute. This type of design is extremely quiet as they spin slow, have six tips where the noise is generated also reducing noise levels VAWT, because of the low noise levels are ideal for all types of wind generation.

Leading Edge

Leading Edge Wind Turbines have the blades downwind from the Pole. This makes the design and maintenance simple and leads to some innovative designs. We supply units from 600watt to 2KW.

They are great for rural systems and some commercial sites. The 600watt units are ideal for marine use.


Wipo Wind Turbines are the main wind turbines used historically. They come in sizes from 200watts-10KW and up to utility sizes 1-5Megawatts. They are efficient collectors of wind energy and are ideal for rural and marine use.

We have turbines for our customers from 200watts to 10KW.

Eco Whisper

Eco Whisper Turbines are the most efficient small turbine on the Market, their sturdy design and lightweight construction means a durable and reliable generation solution. Manufactured and designed in Australia means these turbines are built locally to our local Australia and New Zealand standards.