Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Off grid systems are independent from connection to the energy network. Homes, bach's, motorhomes and boats can be off-grid systems.

Generally the cost of connection to the mains or the security of your own generation is the main reasons for off grid solar power. Our systems are designed for long and easy operation of your own generation plant. We design our systems to make the batteries last as long as possible, with this in mind we ensure that the batteries are sized correctly, the generation is sized to mid-winter conditions and the system is connected to meet the standards.

How off grid solar works

The energy from the sun is collected by the solar panels and this charges the batteries via solar charge controllers. The power stored in the batteries can be used either at the low Battery voltage or at Mains voltage 240VAC via an inverter. The inverter can also have a battery charger and system information to reduce the amount of equipment required to run the system.

Predesigned systems

Our predesigned off-grid systems have pre-assembled control boxes for all the connections to the equipment which makes installation simple and easy to connect.

OG Batch Lights and a few low voltage appliances of around 1-1.5KWhrs per day during spring to autumn.
OG Basic Lights and a number of 240Volt appliances 1.5-2KWhrs per day during spring and summer.
OG Mid Mid-sized off-grid loads including pumps and 240v appliances no heating 4KWhr all year round.
OG Standard Standard off-grid loads to 8KWhrs per day with supplementary generator support for winter can be fully automated.
OG Lodge For the larger property with 10-15KWhrs per day with supplementary generator support, fully automated.

We have a simple load calculation spread sheet with most household appliances which you can use to determine your required load.


More Info

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Off Grid systems include
  • Solar PV system and racking
  • Solar PV charge controller
  • Off grid inverter or inverter charger
  • Battery system and connections
  • Isolators and monitoring
  • Control box
Optional extras
  • Diesel standby generator
  • Automatic generator start
  • Supplementary wind turbine
  • Micro-hydro system