The Power Router

The Power Router system is a unique energy converter which you can build a future proof energy system around. You can be as independent of power companies as you want to be. You can generate energy, you can store it to use at night or you can use the energy when the power is at its most expensive.

The power router can be

  • Off Grid
  • Grid Tied
  • Hybrid
  • Battery less solar backup
  • Battery backup hybrid

Generation sources

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Micro-hydro
  • The national grid
Battery Backup

The battery systems we have designed are either lithium or lead acid and are designed to work around you and your daily requirements.


Connectable via smartphone or the internet so you are in control of the system. You can monitor and control some features of the system with the push of a button.

The power router is indisputably the most flexible energy system available. While your business or house-hold continues to have the lights on and working your competitors or neighbours are heading home or looking for torches.

Contact AES for more information and pricing on the power router.