Eco Whisper Turbines are the most efficient small turbine on the Market, their sturdy design and lightweight construction means a durable and reliable generation solution. Manufactured and designed in Australia means these turbines are built locally to our local Australia and New Zealand standards.

Eco Whisper sizes

  • 5KW
  • 20KW

Eco Whisper turbine use

  • Commercial, Industrial and manufacturing sites energy generator
  • Corporate business statement
  • Off grid RAPS system generator
  • Island power solutions


  • Very low noise levels
  • Modern interesting shape and design
  • Solid lightweight construction with 30 blade design
  • Sturdy australian built
  • Half blade area of an equivalent three blade turbine
  • Unique over speed protection in high winds

Advanced Eco Solutions are happy to represent Eco Whisper wind turbines in Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific Islands.


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