Street Lighting Solutions

Advanced Eco Solutions have a number of industrial designed Street Lighting Solutions.

Sanya Hybrid Wind/Solar Self-Powered Streetlights

The Sanya from UGE is an impressive self- powered streetlight. There have been thousands of these installed around the world in commercial and residential parks and roads.

  • LED Street light.
  • 600watt Wind turbine.
  • Two side mounted 80watt PV panels.
HEI Self-Powered Solar Poles

The HEI solar poles have inbuilt solar tubes for a fantastic appearance.

  • Street light or walkway.
  • LED fitting.
LED Fittings

LED streetlights have many advantages with low energy loss and low maintenance.

LED Streetlights
  • 35,000 hour lifetime.
  • IP65 certified to be dust and water proof.
  • Uses a single or powerful, multi-chip design LED.
  • Electricity savings of 25-50%.
  • 2700K-6500K range.

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