Residential Lighting Guide

At home it's important that the lamp fits your requirements, lasts a long time and is relatively inexpensive.

Our LED lamps use up to 80% less electricity for the same lamp and can last up to 50,000 hours.

Light bulb and R80 flood replacement

Incandescent lamps have been replaced with CFL lamps over the past 10 years. LED replaces this with an efficient and compact lamp.

A Shape
  • High power 6.8W and 8.8W versions available.
  • 8.8W version is 5-100% Triac dimmable.
  • Over 510lm output on 8.8W version.
  • Available in 2700K for hospitality and residential applications.
  • Certified by CE.
  • Warm White and Cool White options available.
  • 35,000 hour lifetime.
  • Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances.
  • Comes in standard base configurations.
MR16 Halogen Lamp Replacement

MR 16 halogens are a very inefficient means of lighting. LED uses up to 80% less energy and lasts an extremely long time.

Our technology partners have two options in a 35 and 50 watt replacement.

GU 5.3 LED Lamp

A unique aluminium fin design this is the brightest MR16 (GU5.3) available, equivalent to 35W of Halogen power.

  • Uses powerful CREE LEDs.
  • Excellent luminosity for an LED at 250lm (WW).
  • 30,000 hour lifetime (longer if in a suitably air-conditioned environment).
  • Replaces traditional 35W halogen MR16 (GU5.3).
  • Available with 35 degree lens angle.
  • Not dimmable.

ELR 50

The ELR 50 is the only lamp on the market which generates enough power to replace the 50 watt halogen without compromising on light output.

  • Power 12W.
  • Colour Temperature 2800K 3000K 4500K.
  • Lumen output 650lm 650lm 700lm.
  • CRI 85+.
  • 50,000 hour lifetime.
  • Available in 20°, 35°, 60° degree bean angle.
  • Dimmable with selected dimmers.
GU10 Halogen lamp replacement

GU10 halogens have a solid and decent replacement in the GU10 LED lamp we provide GU10 lamps are a great idea but the lamps blow really quickly with the heat they generate, LED GU10 is a great way to highlight a space with little heat and low energy.

GU10 LED Lamp

The MR16 GU10 is a rarity with its ability to dim from 100% to 25% (or lower if the load on the circuit is high enough).

  • Uses powerful CREE LEDs.
  • Works across a wide input voltage range of AC220-240 and AC110-130.
  • Replaces traditional 35W halogen MR16 (GU10).
  • 30,000 hour lifetime (longer if in a suitably air-conditioned environment).
  • Available with 35 degree lens angle.
  • Triac dimmable.