Commercial Lighting Guide

In your office or place of work lighting plays a critical part of your operation. Efficient lighting improves the productivity and feeling within a space.

Advanced Eco solutions along with our technology providers have long lasting energy efficient options with unique features which enhance the workplace environment.

LED Tube Light Replacements

Fluorescent tubes are the mainstay of most commercial sites around New Zealand and Australia. LED tubes can offer up to a 70% reduction in energy depending on the tube you use. We have lamps installed where staff members have been complaining of headaches which have disappeared the moment we change the lamp. LED lamps will work well in most work applications.

LED Tubes

LED tubes are simple to install into your existing fittings, they can have a payback of just over 12 months in some 24-7 operations and under 2 years on some sites.

800mm, 1200mm and 1500mm tubes in WW,NW and CW

  • Contains no mercury or harmful substances.
  • Available in Warm, Nature and Cool White (Daylight).
  • Certified by CE and C-tick, other certificates available on request.
  • 35,000+ hour lifetime.
  • Overall best value for money T8 LED Lamp.
  • Up to 50% savings in electricity over fluorescent T8s.
  • Aluminium heat sink backed casing delays light decay experienced by DIP LED T8 tubes.
  • Instant on, flicker free and noiseless.
  • Ideal replacement for traditional T8 lamps.
MR16 Halogen Lamp Replacement

MR 16 halogens are a very inefficient means of lighting. LED uses up to 80% less energy and lasts an extremely long time.

Our technology partners have two options in a 35 and 50 watt replacement.

GU 5.3 LED Lamp

A unique aluminium fin design this is the brightest MR16 (GU5.3) available, equivalent to 35W of Halogen power.

  • Uses powerful CREE LEDs.
  • Excellent luminosity for an LED at 250lm (WW).
  • 30,000 hour lifetime (longer if in a suitably air-conditioned environment).
  • Replaces traditional 35W halogen MR16 (GU5.3).
  • Available with 35 degree lens angle.
  • Not dimmable.

ELR 50

The ELR 50 is the only lamp on the market which generates enough power to replace the 50 watt halogen without compromising on light output.

  • Power 12W.
  • Colour Temperature 2800K 3000K 4500K.
  • Lumen output 650lm 650lm 700lm.
  • CRI 85+.
  • 50,000 hour lifetime.
  • Available in 20°, 35°, 60° degree bean angle.
  • Dimmable with selected dimmers.
AR111 Halogen lamp replacement

AR111 lamps are a commonly used lamp in retail and commercial flood lighting applications. They use a lot of energy and create a lot of heat. The LED lamps from Etrilum not only light the space effectively bit reduce the Air-conditioning load as well.

AR111 LED Lamp

AR111 LED lamps are super-efficient way to highlight lighting in a space. Our lamp will fit directly into the same fitting at only 20% of the energy.

  • Hi-Power 13W bulb replaces 100W incandescent.
  • Focused 24 degree lens provides 2300lux at 1m.
  • 20,000 hour lifetime (longer if in a suitably air-conditioned environment).
  • Excellent luminosity for an LED at 420lm (WW) and 530lm (CW).
  • Available as either internal or external driver version.
  • Direct retrofit to existing fixtures.
  • Warm/Cool White versions available.