EcoloBlue Water from Air Generators for Home or Office

The revolutionary EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water from Air Generator extracts pure drinking water directly from the air. These compact and attractive units utilize a 12-phase filtration process to generate up to 30 liters of drinking water each day. It’s the crystal-purity of the water that imparts its satin-smooth and delicious taste.

Not only is the EcoloBlue 40% more energy efficient than other coolers, it’s also 60% more cost-effective than buying bottled water. Since the unit is not tied to a water supply, it can be installed anywhere in the home or the office. Moreover, for remote areas without a drinkable water supply, the Ecoloblue simply plugs in and produces more than 100 glasses of cold, crisp water each day.

EcoloBlue offers a variety of dispenser options for the home or office environments. The dispenser is featured in several different colours to blend in with its surroundings.

Model Output Water Temp Power Saving Colour Options
EcoloBlue 26 26 litres per day Hot or Cold 40% 7 colours
EcoloBlue 30 30 litres per day Hot or Cold 40% 3 colours
EcoloBlue 30S 30 litres per day Hot or Cold At least 40% 3 colours


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EcoloBlue Water from Air Generators for Industrial Applications

Industrial EcoloBlue units can be hidden on the top of a building or may be installed at ground level. If your water needs rise, the units can be linked in sequence to increase the quantity of water available to a site. These dispensers are designed to function outdoors in arid locations with humidity levels of between 30% and 90%. This provides a large-scale, safe and affordable water solution.

Model Production Capacity Input Power Int Water Storage Capacity Weight Size (m) Energy Required
EcoloBlue 200 200L per day 4.66 Kw 110L 320Kg H:1.3xW:0.65xL:1.6 0.5KWh/liter
EcoloBlue 500 500L per day 10 Kw 200L 450Kg H:1.5xW:0.65xL:2.0 0.48KWh/liter
EcoloBlue 1000 1000L per day 18 KW 150L 600Kg H:1.8xW:1.8xL:2.8 0.64KWh/liter
EcoloBlue 3000 3000L per day 49.3 KWx2 950L 2200Kg H:1.8xW:2.0xL:4.2 0.6KWh/liter
EcoloBlue 5000 5000L per day 55 KWx2 500L 3200Kg H:1.8xW:2.1xL:4.2 0.56KWh/liter


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